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 Corporate Profile



 Aiming to be your trusted partner

 Three S Japan Co., Ltd. has been acquired results as the team of professionals which is well versed in nonclinical  and clinical trial for development of pharmaceutical products. In our current climate, in which there is an acceleration in the pharmaceutical product development process and outsourcing of services, there is a demand for experts that are not only versed in the preparation of documents, translation, and quality check(QC), but those who are also specialists in pharmaceutical product development and are proficient in the entire process from drafting application forms to corresponding with relevant authorities. 


We will contribute towards product developments by standing on the same footing as clients and facing them at the working-level not only as your best commentator but also as your trustful cooperator.

Three S Japan will fulfill the client needs as a team of professionals specialized in developing pharmaceutical products.

Our support service is formed from following principals.



 1. Draft the various application materials for pharmaceutical products.

 2. Translate both application forms and test reports on the pharmaceutical products.

 3. QC (consistency check) for application documents of pharmaceutical products.

 4. Provide the consulting on the development of pharmaceutical products.

 5. Support business on the reliability assurance of pharmaceutical etc.

 6. Translational support business in pharmaceutical  development.

 7. Electronic application of application materials involved in the manufacture and

     sale permit application of pharmaceutical products (CDISC-SEND) support business.

 8. Agency business for nonclinical research organization (so called CRO).


 We prepare the support system with various services, such as designing test plan, the analysis and collation of data, evaluation of the related papers, and drafting the application forms for pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, unregulated drugs, cosmetics, food products,  agricultural chemicals, and general chemical substances. 

Please utilize Three S Japan Co., Ltd. in order to promote more exact and efficient development of your products in a short period of time.


Three S Japan Co., Ltd.

Koichi Hagita, CEO & President


To Fulfill the Customer Needs 

Corporate Profile 

Company name

Three S Japan Co., Ltd.


Shinwa Bldg 5F, 3-2-4, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 171-0023

Telephone: (03) 5909-7028    Fax: (03) 5909-7029

Osaka Office:

3-1-8, Hiranomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka, 541-0046

Telephone: (06) 6232-1071    Fax: (06) 6232-1072


CEO & President Kouichi Hagita


Director Noriko Matsuda

Director Toshiyuki Fujii


November 1, 2006

Stated capital

15 million Yen
Duties contents

 Draft, translate and QC (consistency check) the materials of Product manufacturing license application as well as the related materials on pharmaceutical products, an unregulated drug, medical equipment, agricultural chemicals, a drug for animal, cosmetics, and functional foods.

 Development support service for pharmaceutical products, an unregulated drug, medical equipments, agricultural chemicals, a drug foranimal, cosmetics, and functional foods.

Correspondent Bank

Mizuho bank Ikebukuro branch

Mitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation Ikebukuro branch


Foreign-affiliated pharmaceutical company    35 companies

Domestic pharmaceutical company               20 companies

Companies other than medical supplies         20 companies

Access map

Head office

Via the JR(Japan Railway), all subway lines, and private lines-10 minutes on foot from "Shinjuku" station 

Head office

Osaka officee

Via the Midosuji Subway Line-5 minutes on foot from “Yodoyabashi” station

Osaka officee


April, 2002           

The development support division was established in Histo Science Laboratory Co., Ltd. and started document preparation for the application.
July, 2003                  The development support division changed its name to Three S Japan, and the Tokyo office was established.
November, 2006     Three S Japan was separated from Histo Science Laboratory Co., Ltd. and Three S Japan Co., Ltd. was established as an independent company.
September,2007                  The Osaka office was established.
February,2011                     The Kobe office was established.
April,2011                           Gained the license for Specified Worker Dispatching Undertakings(特 13-313825)
November, 2011        The Osaka office was relocated to Hiranomachi.
October, 2012

The head office was relocated in the Minami-Ikebukuro area to expand the business.

Main straff


CEO & President Koichi Hagita

Officer Director Noriko Matsuo (in charge of accounting)

Director Toshiyuki Fujii, Medical doctor (toxicity, pathology)


(Scientific adviser)

Shigetaka Koda, Doctor of pharmacology (CMC)

Yukio Motoyama, Doctor of pharmacology (pharmacology)

Yoji Tokuma, Doctor of pharmacology (pharmacokinetics)

Takashi Igarashi, Doctor of pharmacology (pharmacokinetics)

Kanemasa Katsu, Medical doctor (reliability assurance)

Kunio Nakayama, Specialist (reliability assurance)

Project management department 6
Business Development     3
Administrative division 2
Operating support room 2
Documentation Group 14
QC group 34
Translation group 17