ViruSure Forschungs und Entwicklungs GmbH



 VireSure is a privately owned biotech company specialising in the virus and prion safety testing of biopharmaceutical products. They offer contract testing services and a wealth and breadth of expertise to ensure you meet all relevant pathogen safety testing requirements.


Each biopharmaceutical product is unique and presents its own challenges with regards to potential viruses that might be present as contaminants. Their goal is to ensure that the strategy we develop with you will provide a high chance of success in satisfying all regulatory requirements at the first attempt.



AddressDonau-City-Straße 1,A-1220 Vienna,Austria.  




    •A spin-off from the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

    •Founded in April 2005
    •Specialises in the virus and prion safety testingof biopharmaceuticals
    –Virus & prion clearance studies
    •Human plasma products
    •Recombinant products
    •Animal derived products 
    –Virus safety testing
    •In vitro adventitious agent testing
    •In vivo adventitious agent testing
    •qPCR assays
    –Specific virus tests

    –Generic tests (i.e. PCR enhanced RT assay)


 Services:  ViruSure ホームページはこちら


    –Virus Clearance Studies
    •Infectivity based studies
    •qPCR based studies
    –Prion Clearance Studies

    •Western blot studies

    •Bioassay studies in hamsters

    –Tumorigenicity and oncogenicity testing in nude mice   
    –Bio-distribution studies- e.g. for gene therapy vectors
    –qPCR based specific projects
    –Customised customer requests